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Vimi, 2022


Product Design & Engineering, Web Design & Development



React Native



An fun app that makes gifting memorable

We teamed up with Vimi’s founder to design and develop an intuitive digital product that allows users attach personalized video messages to beautiful physical tags


When he was a child growing up in Kenya, before moving to Canada as a 19-year-old, Zaheer Merali’s parents ran a stationery store. Those childhood memories have left their mark on his new business venture, Vimi, a digital product that’s helping people create meaningful connections through personalized video gift tags.

Zaheer was full of dreams and ideas but had little technological knowledge, so he turned to Z1, looking for a committed and creative partner to join his adventure. Together we crafted the branding, illustrations, design, and engineering for the whole product. We used a modern, open-source, and solid tech stack, including React Native for the frontend, Apollo + GraftQL for the backend, Expo for capturing audio/video, and Lottie and Reanimated for animations.

Vimi is available on AppStore and Google Play, and its reception has been fantastic, with hundreds of downloads already. We continue working side by side with Zaheer to evolve the product, adding new features and expanding use cases to bring joy to even more people.

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The new generation of greetings cards is called Vimi 🐼

We joined Vimi’s founder to create a product that upgrades the experience of gifting and showing gratitude.

Marble's app view designed by Z1.
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Stuart Winchester, founder and CEO at Marble.

“Z1's secret is the combination of talent, experience, and empathy, coupled with their culture and leadership. All of this allowed them to understand right away what we wanted to do and help us bring it to life.”

Zaheer Merali

Founder of Vimi

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