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Remotely, 2022


Product Design, Web Design & Development




A remote working platform
that stands out from the crowd

We helped Remotely founders upgrade their MVP by designing an automatic tool with a visually appealing interface.


“There is a global imbalance between supply and demand for software development.” With that statement in mind, Pau Sabria, Jose de Cabo, Sebas Álvarez, and Pau Suris started ideating Remotely after selling Olapic to Monotype for $130M in 2016.

Remotely aims to become one of the most excellent and efficient platforms to connect software talent and startups. To achieve this goal, they started with an Airtable and Zapier where they inputted candidates and matched them with tech companies.

We joined their team and upgraded their product by designing an automatic tool with a visually appealing interface that stands out from competitors in this crowded market.

While they are still defining a big part of their product offering, one thing is for sure: Thanks to an iterative and flexible design process, we defined an adaptative product that is not only what they need today but what they will need 1 or 2 years in the future.

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Get to know the behind-the-scenes of Remotely web app and marketing site.

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“Everyone from Z1 is not only excellent professionals but excellent people. They add value in each step, connecting with us in the goals we pursue at Remotely.”

Sebas Álvarez

Co-Founder, Remotely.

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