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Trip, 2020


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Trip takes you on a self-guided journey to explore and expand your mind

We helped Field Trip create a useful and beautiful digital experience where neuroscience, psychology, and technology converge.


Field Trip is a Toronto-based company that is leading the medical and scientific re-emergence of psychedelic-enhanced therapies. Kori Harrison, Head of Product, and Amardeep Manhas, CTO, came to Z1 with an app idea: Trip, a supportive tool for those who are seeking altered states of consciousness for personal growth, who may not have access to a clinic-based therapy program.

Trip needed to be designed mindfully, and based on extensive research while keeping it simple and beautiful. We worked on prototyping this concept with the Field Trip team with the vision to create an end-to-end supportive tool that brought all the key phases of the Field Trip method together in one place (preparation, exploration, reflection, and integration).

Our concept was to make the Trip experience feel like a soothing journey, from the moment you open the app, through your trip, and after. Design and engineering worked side-by-side bringing to life the art the illustrator thoughtfully worked on, until achieving a seamless deployment. The result is a useful and dreamy tool for people looking to practice consciousness-expansion with or without psychedelic substances.

Set an intention before the journey, listen to AI-generated music, access a voice recorder while tripping, show analytics that displays progress over time, and read educational content based on scientific research and shamanic wisdom. These are some of the features Trip’s users are loving. The proof is in their feedback, which is all about appreciation and gratitude, something that will make this Trip go further and further.

An app based on psychedelic therapies? Let’s do this!  🏞

We helped create Trip from the ground up and loved running away from stereotypes

“Z1 was immensely supportive in taking this concept from an idea and pages of specs and research to a beautiful app in 6 months. They helped in bringing our vision to life, I’m very grateful to have them as Field Trip partners”.

Kori Harrison

Head of Product at Field Trip

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