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Makara, 2022


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Making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone

We partnered with the startup Makara, recently acquired by Betterment. We designed an easy-to-navigate app that provides confidence to investors who are entering the unfamiliar territory of cryptocurrencies.


Makara was born out of the thesis that there had to be a better way to invest in one of the most dynamic assets ever: cryptocurrencies. They pursue this goal using advanced algorithms to build and manage crypto portfolios tuned explicitly to each investor's goals and preferences.

But crypto can be an intimidating sector. So even though the Makara team had a clear vision of the product they wanted to build and a well-developed brand, Jesse, its Co-founder and CEO, required the expertise of an experienced digital product studio to connect with Makara’s users through design. 

Our team was thrilled to partner with Makara and relished the challenges to overcome. The main one was translating complex, difficult-to-understand flows, such as investment and the crypto world, to users with no experience. We walked in Makara users' shoes and composed an easy-to-navigate digital product committed to offering confidence, providing a feeling of legitimacy and comfort to interact.

Dispelling the clouds of crypto investing through Makara’s design  🌤

We helped Makara’s founders overcome the challenge of making decentralized finance accessible to investors.

Jesse Proudman photo

"We wanted Z1 to assist Makara in designing a user-friendly, simple, and intuitive experience across our mobile app and website. We had a blast working with them and we are thrilled with the incredible app their team helped us create."

Jesse Proudman

Co-Founder & CEO of Makara

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