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Marble, 2022


Product Design & Engineering, Web Design & Development






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One digital wallet to manage all your insurance policies and reward your loyalty

We partnered with NY-based startup Marble and built a digital product aiming to improve things for up the 92% of Americans who have insurance.


Americans spend up to 10% of their household budget on insurance. A trillion-dollar asset that is still managed in an old fashion and chaotic way:  managing dozens of documents, passwords, PDFs, and services. Stuart Winchester, CEO & Founder at Marble, knew people deserve better, so he started ideating what has become the first digital wallet and loyalty platform for insurance.

It was 2020 when Stuart’s adventure began. He needed help to get the ball rolling with Marble, so he got in touch with us and we started working together to build his idea from the ground up. Our collaboration soon became a highly-effective alliance with Z1’s backend and frontend developers as well as designers teaming up with Marble to lay the foundations of Stuart’s vision.

As a result, we designed and built an easy to set up and navigate tool for Marble's members to manage, shop, and earn rewards on their existing policies. All with a vibrant seventies look & feel, so different from how insurance products typically look.

Marble is providing a brand new experience to consumers, giving power and transparency back to policyholders, along with rewards. Something that investors have loved, funding the startup with $2.5 million in a seed round on February 21.

Mable's app designed and built by Z1Marble's web app detail.

A highly-effective alliance to build a founder’s vision 🔮

Z1 joined Marble in its early days, crafting together the first digital wallet and rewards platform for insurance.

Marble's dashboard view.Marble's app view designed by Z1.
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Stuart Winchester, founder and CEO at Marble.

“I couldn't be happier with our choice of partnering with Z1. The quality of their engineering work, exceptional product-minded execution, and talented designers, have really all been totally critical to Marble's success”

Stuart Winchester

CEO & Founder of Marble

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