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Mailman, 2020


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The superhero who saves users from their inbox

We helped designing Mailman, the nice postman who works with any email client to reduce chaos and make days calmer and more productive


During 2020, your inbox has probably reached all-time records, with the consequent stress that these numbers produce, especially if the email is a fundamental tool in your professional life.

Those were the problems that Mohit Mamoria noticed when he decided to create Mailman, an assistant that combines a set of features to literally tame the savage siege of any email client. This tool works in the background to organize the time we spend on the inbox. It allows users to configure different parameters, such as the number of times a day that emails arrive.

We've especially enjoyed helping to create Mailman branding, which we conceived as a friendly superhero to help you tame your inbox. We also worked on the website and the product design. This is the kind of project we love to get involved in, those that make people's lives easier, starting with ours!

Mailman, a superhero against email chaos 📫

We partnered with an obsessive maker to create an assistant
that will save you from your inbox

"Mailman wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Z1 team. They put life into the idea. They brought out the personality of the product with their branding and UX. Z1 has always played a pivotal role throughout the journey. I wouldn’t be able to thank them ever!"

Mohit Mamoria

Founder of Mailman

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