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A successful community event platform

Localist helps organizations focus on the power of events by providing beautiful white-labeled community event platforms that easily adapt to their brand.


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Localist has been working for a decade providing event organizers with beautiful, white-labeled community event platforms and centralizes content workflows for all kinds of events: live, virtual, free, paid, and needing registration or not. They came to Z1 looking for a fresher look and an improved user experience to help them achieve new business goals.

Localist was born following Myke Nahorniak's (Cofounder & CEO) desire of creating something that would make it easier to bring people and communities together. Localist got its start focused on colleges and universities, but more recently, its customer base shifted to marketing and HR teams at organizations. Their vision: there’s no better approach to sustainably grow a business than to create, empower, and connect communities around a brand’s mission.

Localist’s community event platform design was a hit back in the early days. However, years later, it had become a weak point of their product. We detected the layout was poorly used, it had too many unnecessary columns, and the typography wasn’t ranked adequately for today’s standards.

Creating Localist’s new design was a huge challenge. They needed a trendier and more functional look, but we had to be super careful with their 12-years-old legacy code not to break any existing features. The design had to be flexible enough to adopt the hundreds of configurations that reflect all the client’s needs while maintaining all the functionalities their backend provided.

By the end of the project, we designed a vast amount of screen views. To implement them, we used sass and JS vanilla. We also played with some Ruby on Rails templates to reorganize HTML and introduce new CSS classes. We were cautious while adding our code and took into account many details not to break anything. We even hacked some things to make them work better, and we rediscovered features that the previous design didn’t allow us to use, like adding the possibility of introducing lots of dates for recurring events.

Communities can not only grow organizations but change lives, and hence change the world. Localist has reached 150M page views a month across its community event network and helped more than 300 organizations build stronger communities around their brands.

When we gather together at events, we remember that each of us has a role to play in the history of humanity. We have to say that even having worked remotely, without the chance of gathering together, we are proud to belong to Localist’s story.

Revamping the look & feel of a stablished digital product.

We modernized Localist's core product, helping them retain clients and go upmarket to enterprise customers.

Myke Nahorniak

"Z1 has an outstanding portfolio, and shares the same priorities as us; putting the user experience first, and building out from there".

Co-Founder & CEO, Localist

Myke Nahorniak

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