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Building a digital product for your offline passion

Lessons From Digital Crafting
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Building a digital product for your offline passion

Loads of our passions are non-digital. Name it: pottery, cooking, or sports. In our second Lessons From Digital Crafting, we speak with Eric Mayville, CEO & CoFounder of Fairgame, and Andrew Haynes, its VP, Executive Creative Director, to show you how to add value to your analogue passions by building digital experiences.

Golf is a very traditionally analog sport that is entering the 21st century at the hands of the founders of Fairgame, one of the first digital clubhouses for golf. The product is aiming to help connect people that share the passion for this sport that might be like minded, as well as finding new ways to play the game.

In this episode you'll find relevant information about how to craft a digital solution for an industry related to your personal life, what are the main challenges of finding and translating the complexities and nuances of a game like golf into a simple user experience or how to prioritize the most critical elements of functionality, maintaining an ideal timeline for the app’s first version.

Join our hosts, Michelle Reid and Héctor Giner, and discover how to innovate for a non-digital space and capture trends with a wonderful result.

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