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Draki Hero

Design · Engineering · Strategy

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A Video Game that discovers AR to children

Creating a digital experience that allows kids to have fun while learning to understand one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century: Augmented Reality.


Z1 Lab, Seville


Design · Engineering · Strategy




React Native


Viro Media


Draki Hero is a side project developed by our Lab consisting of an Augmented Reality video game for children. We crafted the app from the ground up as a learning exercise for our team. Thanks to creating it, we have managed to understand how AR works, an increasingly important technology in our day to day life.


Augmented Reality is a technology that will redefine how we understand the world. It has great potential, yet it’s still not normalized in our lives. When choosing a side project for our Lab we decided to work on an Augmented Reality video game because sounded fun, and also almost anything you'd do with this technology is a challenge in itself.

We worked with Viro Media, a free development platform in AR / VR, and its Figment AR app, and in just a few hours we were able to create the first prototype with React. Once we verified that our game made sense and was entertaining even without many graphics, it was time to work on the story and the design. We opted for a simple game mechanic to focus our efforts on graphics and development. That’s why we planned to base our project on the classic Hot and Cold game which we can all remember playing as children.

Instead of complicating the story or including many characters we decided to limit the experience to a single protagonist and thus be more agile. Our device would be an artifact that opens the doors to a parallel world inhabited by a funny dragon called Draki. Children can play with their friends to hide and find Draki using the "mysterious artifact" that the game turns the smartphone into.

Developing this type of side projects may seem risky because you spend resources without the guarantee of a direct reward. However, being able to put the mind into projects outside of our day to day tasks has tremendous intangible value. This is why we created the Z1 Lab. Draki Hero is available for free in the AppStore.

Draki Hero, experimenting with AR

We crafted a cool Augmented Reality experience for kids and learned some things along the way.

Ivan Coronado

"Augmented Reality has undoubtedly come to stay, and brings with it a new paradigm in terms of design and development. Draki Hero has been a fun way to keep the team at the forefront of this technology".

Lead Lab, Z1

Ivan Coronado

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