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Truly Wireless Co.

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An innovative phone system sales teams love

The only calling solution that reduces dropped calls, improves data quality and fits into the sales team’s workflow.


Trully Wireless Co. San Francisco, CA


Interaction design, visual design, and frontend development following the Roadmap Completion method.


Mid 2016 - 2017



Node JS






Truly combines a phone system, sales dialer, and network monitoring solutions into one. It caters to the advanced needs of sales teams while providing the rest of the organization with an incredible set of complementary tools.
We joined Truly in 2016 to help achieve a set of milestones for the company. We collaborated intensively and took over the implementation of different parts of the product.


We met Truly founder Erol Toker in December 2016 right after he was finishing on the AngelPad accelerator program. Truly was providing an innovative call tracking system for sales teams that clients like Uber or Paypal were already using. However, at that time, Erol and his team were facing a huge challenge: improving their customer experience adding new pieces to their existing suite of applications.

Although Truly then had a powerful technical team, they needed help to achieve such a challenging goal. That is when Erol contacted us. We thoroughly studied the requirements to understand the application scope. For three full weeks, we collaborated, researched, and learned everything about the product. We made a complete product design process: wireframing, interaction design, and visual design. From there, we started the implementation. 

Truly gave us an incredible technological boost, as we became part of its frontend development and design team while working together. Beyond the necessary technological capabilities, the Truly successful story was possible by a mutual empathetic work and hours of conversation. Truly was an intense experience at all levels: strategical, technological, and personal.

John Ryan

“Z1 has been a pleasure to work with on a professional and personal level and has really become part of our core team. They consistently deliver amazing work and have taken great care to understand our business challenges.”

Co-Founder, Truly Wireless

John Ryan

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