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Murmur, 2020


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Murmur unleashes the power
of working agreements

Best-selling author Aaron Dignan wanted to fix how teams make decisions and reach agreements. We helped him and his team to conceptualize, design, and prototype a user-friendly digital product to do exactly that.


Aaron Dignan is a best-selling author, a famous speaker in organizational design, and also the founder of Murmur, a North American startup responsible for software that helps teams define and fix how they make decisions and reach agreements.

The company got spun up last year after Aaron realized that many firms needed agility and transparency in the description and acceptance of all types of labor policies. We worked together with Aaron and his team until we reached the conceptualization of the entire Murmur value proposition process. At the same time, we worked on its branding, basing it on the main concepts Murmur is about, like iterations, transparency, and collaboration.

The result is an educational and enjoyable journey for users looking to reach better agreements. 22 teams are now using the private version of this automatic and asynchronous tool Murmur has developed, and more than 1,200 people are on their waiting list.

Transforming a complex idea into a tool that facilitates working agreements 🙌

We conceptualized together with Aaron Dignan and his team a digital product to unleash the power of agreements.

Aaron Dignan photo

“Z1 partnership was very fluid and dynamic. The team helped us think out loud and learn more about the challenges we were facing building the product by diving into design, rather than staying stuck in our heads.”

Aaron Dignan

Founder of Murmur

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