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A social platform for building wealth and finding financial advice

We collaborated with GoalBased Investors to create Lasso, two interconnected apps that bring together investors and financial advisors, each side with its own customized experience.


According to the Global Financial Literacy Survey, only around 33% of the world’s adult population are financially literate, meaning many are unable to achieve financial milestones such as retirement.

With the aim of democratizing access to financial expertise, we helped GoalBased Investors to design and develop Lasso: a community-based platform consisting of two apps – one mobile-first for consumers and one tablet-first for advisors.

One of the main challenges we faced was to ensure that Lasso was easy enough for anyone to use. We continuously encouraged GBI's team to simplify the user experience and create a product that could engage any user. Both apps work together and establish a more effective dialogue between investors and advisors, sitting them on the same side of the table with a common way to talk about financial planning.

Two apps, one goal: to match investors and advisors meaningfully 🤝🏿

We joined forces with GBI to design and develop Lasso, democratizing access to expert financial planning.

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“The Z1 team truly felt invested in our product and in the goal of bringing the best possible experience to market. The team was very detail-oriented and would take the initiative to proactively fix or improve workflows within the Lasso tools, resulting in a more seamless user experience within the product.”

Becca Long

President of GoalBased Investors

After several months working together, GBI raised $2.75M in a seed funding round led by Silicon Valley venture firm True Ventures to continue developing Lasso.

We took Lasso from zero to one and it had an overwhelmingly positive response since it launched last December. Investors have commented that the interface is very intuitive and it helps them visualize their progress toward their goals in a way they hadn’t found in any other tool.

Advisors see Lasso as a better (and free!) option for engaging with new clients than what they are currently using. The responsiveness of the app and the quick nature of the process, which results in a valuable proposal that can be sent to prospective clients, are some of the most praised features.

iPad version of Lasso app for advisors

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