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Bitcoin Lessons, 2020


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A user-friendly, mobile bitcoin learning app

Bitcoin Lessons provides an engaging experience for mobile elearning, helping people finally understand what Bitcoin is and how it works.


Consumer education is one of the biggest challenges in accessibility and adoption for Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, or digital currency, that operates through a peer-to-peer network. Even 10 years after Bitcoin launched, what it is and how it works is still a bit of a mystery to the average person. Gareth Stephens founded Bitcoin Lessons to overcome this challenge.

While we’ve explored lots of early ideas around cryptocurrency, Gareth wanted to deliver clear value to users, in a meaningful way.  His vision conquered us. We were completely aligned and thrilled to support his plan.

However, despite having arrived at our door with ideas, a brief, and even mockups, his initial vision for a Bitcoin education app had morphed into more of a game than a provider of educational content it needed to be.

Through a collaborative approach, the Z1's product team focused on exceptional interactions around the core functionality: the learning lessons. We designed and crafted an engaging experience for mobile learning focusing on users, and chose the right tech from a cost/performance view.

The final Bitcoin Lessons app offers a mobile-based bite-sized learning approach similar to popular language app Duolingo. The unique concept also allows users to earn Bitcoin as they go to incentivize lesson completion. It hit 1,500 users in just the first week after its launch.

Creativity, Craft, and Bitcoin 🐰

How we partnered with an experienced entrepreneur to help him realize his vision for “Duolingo for Bitcoin”.

“I wanted to build a lightweight company and so needed a great partner that could work with me and my co-founder in a seamless way as if we were working for the same company. Z1 has been a perfect fit.”

Gareth Stephens

Founder of Bitcoin Lessons

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