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Altru, 2019


Design, Engineering & Strategy




Vue JS



Humanizing candidates' experiences

A platform that allows brands to create authentic content at scale, sourced from their employees. This is how Altru is helping companies attract, convert, and retain the best talent.


Altru is a powerful tool leading brands like Dell and Unilever are using within their talent acquisition strategy. It helps companies generate and share content about their brand and careers opportunities from their most powerful asset: their employees.

We partnered with Alykhan Rehmatullah, Altru CEO, in the early stage of the company. We followed his dream of assisting candidates, without a qualified network of professional contacts, to get personalized information about the company and positions they were applying for.

We proposed an entirely new multi-platform mobile experience and designed a recruiting portal for both candidates and companies, easily customizable for each employer brand. We also crafted a user-friendly mobile app that makes it super easy for employees to record and upload their video responses, and for managers to handle content. The application is built with React Native, as well as Swift and Kotlin, to ensure it works perfectly across both iOS and Android.

Amplifying a startup founders’ vision  🙌

We worked together with the founders of Altru to create a powerful product that helps companies win the war of talent.

“Without Z1’s team of designers and engineers we never would have made it where we are. Their services were a perfect fit at every stage, from seed, to post-funding, and on to profitability”.

Vincent Polidoro

CTO of Altru Labs

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