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An app to humanize candidates' experience.

Helping companies attract, convert, and retain talent through a platform that allow brands to create authentic content at scale from their employees.


Altru, New York


Engineering Design Strategy


2017 - 2019




Vue JS



Altru is a powerful tool top leading brands like Dell or Unilever are using within their attraction strategy. It creates video content at scale from employees, makes it easy to manage and share them, and helps companies measure their impact. We joined their team and proposed an entirely new multi-platform mobile experience and a refreshed design, helping them personalize the experience for candidates and employees around the world.


The Z1 team met Altru founders, Alykhan Rehmatullah and his colleague Vincent Polidoro, in New York in October 2017. They said they wanted to “collect the universe of rich, yet unnoticed, content already being created every day through employee experiences to help candidates’ experience and promote their employer brand”. The concept captivated us immediately.

They told us they needed an experience product partner to help their platform work better and do more. We joined their team proposing an entirely new multi-platform mobile experience and a refreshed design. Working together we overcome every challenge and achieve each milestone, until we built a platform everybody was proud of. We helped create a mobile-first platform that would make it easy for candidates to ask career-related questions, and for employees to share their perspectives through mobile video.

At the same time we built an administration panel from scratch with Angular and TS to handle candidates’ questions. From there, the director of human resources or the head of a department can organize and refer questions directly to the employee who is best placed to answer, and not only that, but also can they efficiently perform quantitative and qualitative analysis.

We designed a recruiting portal for both candidates and companies, easily customizable for each brand, and a user-friendly mobile application that allows employees to record and upload their video responses. The application is built with React Native, as well as Swift and Kotlin to ensure it works perfectly across both iOS and Android.

We’ve continued our partnership, iterating on the product by developing several widgets, using Vue JS + TypeScript, to improve accessibility, visibility, and the candidate experience.

Amplifying a startup founders’ vision

We worked together with the founders of Altru to create a powerful product that helps companies win the war of talent.

Vincent Polidoro

“Without Z1’s team of designers and engineers we never would have made it where we are. Their services were a perfect fit at every stage, from seed, to post-funding, and on to profitability”.

CTO, Altru Labs

Vincent Polidoro

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