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WeCommerce, a timeless logo to empower founders everywhere

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WeCommerce, a timeless logo to empower founders everywhere

We designed a synthetic and clean logo back in 2019 that works as a proof of concept for the brand.

WeCommerce, publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange, is a founder-friendly group of Shopify veterans looking for great opportunities to invest in, partner with, and buy like-minded companies. It provides merchants with a suite of ecommerce software tools to start and grow their online stores.

This synthetic and clean logo we created for them back in 2019, remains the same despite being a constantly evolving company. This shows the importance of building your logo over solid and cohesive principles, which will work as proof of concept for your brand.

César Álvarez, Z1's Design Director, was responsible for the design: "We created a logo and an icon with a personality that works nicely together or separately, depending on the need. For the icon, we used lines and bar graphs as visual references to symbolize the growth of the companies in which WeCommerce invests."

Using a rotated grid of 20 degrees, the design transmits the feeling of forwarding and upward movement. This grid served as the basis to create an icon that resembles a shopping cart, a symbol closely associated with e-commerce and forms the letter W with an ascending arrow.

Looking ahead

There is no doubt: our whole world is now online. In the last twenty years, e-commerce has entirely revolutionized retail. It went from being an essentially non-existent business model to becoming a potential threat to the traditional mall as we know it. Part of that success is thanks to Shopify environment, where WeCommerce finds its full potential.

Now, WeCommerce keeps growing announcing an IPO agreement to combine with Tiny, the group Z1 belongs to, which according to their own words will create "a well-capitalized technology holding company managed by a leadership team with a strong track record of building and acquiring profitable companies, driving organic growth, and generating free cash flow for future acquisitions."

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