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Before and after going from zero to one

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Before and after going from zero to one

We share some of the pains and some of the excitement a solo founder finds in her journey. From detecting a real problem to be solved to crafting the first version of an app to solve that specific problem.

We talk about:

Get to know our guest

Chiara Pastorelli, founder and CEO of Applicate.

Italian-born, Chiara grew up in Bahrain before moving to the UK to study Textile Engineering and Design. After over a decade at the sharp end of the fashion and interior design industries, she knows first-hand how difficult it is to organise your saved images, find them, reference them, and use them. Tired of not being able to find that crucial image, she was inspired to create Applicate, a mobile app designed to radically improve how iPhone users store, organize, and share images and inspiration thanks to machine learning and smart folders.

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